Solitude and Silence – Weekly Photo Challenge


This car has sat in the same spot outside for years and years. I was out for a walk when I came across it, and it reminds me of solitude because it had been sitting so long on its own. It was alone in the field, but didn’t make me feel lonely to see it. I like to think that the car was reminiscing about days gone by, listening to the sound of the dry grass blowing in the wind.

This post is a very late response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitude.


Names – An Unknown Journey


G.W. Fearnside was once the owner of this little chest. Where did they go? And what did they do while they were there? The scratches and dents on the metal show that the box was well used, and a sticker on the side lets us know that at some point the box was either shipped or went traveling with G.W. What did this person do with their life? Other than a name on the front of the box, we know nothing about them. It’s just an antique black box, but when I look at it I can’t help but imagine the past, the previous owner, and what their life was like.

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is Names.