“Ellie, do you know Jonathan?” my aunt asked, interrupting the conversation around us. I looked across the room to see who she was talking about, and saw a tall young man wearing a puffy vest and grey hoodie. I didn’t know him, but we were soon introduced.

His black toque came down to his eyebrows, and his beard covered his cheeks. This only emphasized his twinkling blue eyes, which smiled at me as he shook my hand. We barely said ‘Hello’ before I had to move on, but something about him stayed with me.

Later that night, I ran into him with some friends at the pub and we got to talking. We knew some of the same people, and the conversation flowed easily. By the end of the night, I knew I definitely wanted to see him again.

I was leaving the next day, but I knew there was something special about him, and that I needed to talk to him while I was away.

Years later, we’re happily married with a family, and I like to look back and think about our introduction that day. It was as if, with a single smile across the room, my soul recognized that there was something special about him.


This post is in response to The Daily Post: Recognize.


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